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FOUNDATION WEEK. Next week, beginning Jan 23rd, will be a foundation week when the normal timetable will be changed for much of the school.                

A Specialist Science with Mathematics School

Excellence Through Teamwork

"We value the individuality of our young people and recognise their unique needs and aspirations. Learners of all abilities and talents thrive at our school, gaining the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to make a real and genuine contribution to society"

We Aim ….

to foster a caring, safe and inclusive environment built on mutual respect and clear expectations, where success is promoted and celebrated.

to support students to become highly motivated lifelong learners and develop in all students an ambition to contribute to society and reach their goals.

to offer broad, personalised opportunities that provide rewarding and challenging experiences.

Partnership working will be at the heart of our community; we will promote excellence through effective engagement with our students, parents, local communities and partners.

“Excellence through Teamwork”

What do we value?





…..leading to Excellence



CarletonCHS Team Beastell Eastell!!! Another great group of people. #CarletonNYC https://t.co/AYZMMu8UY6
CarletonCHS Landed at Heathrow. Coach ride home☹️ #CarletonNYC
CarletonCHS Sharing a flight with Helena Bonham Carter Wonder if she will pop down to steerage to see us??? #CarletonNYC
CarletonCHS Excitement at the airport!! mrs Crewe is dynamite!! Well her boots are!! 20 mins in security 🚨 #CarletonNYC https://t.co/HoHNnzMcmS
CarletonCHS Team Crewe! Another great team in NYC #CarletonNYC



foundation week 17 Foundation Week


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