Learner Responsibilities


A key feature in the development of all the young learners is their increasing sense of place and purpose within our ever changing society and the world. At Carleton Community High School we are committed to encouraging and nurturing every possibility to enable all learners to take responsibility and ownership for themselves and others.

From their first term in school opportunities arise to engage with discussions and actions as School Council Representatives, inclusive of individual roles as From Captain, Sports and individual subject Mentors, Buddies and learner leaders. All these appointments, which represent outstanding role models of learner abilities, are democratically elected by the learner body.

In preparation for their final year at school formal nominations and applications are made by Year 10 to uphold the prestigious positions of Senior Ambassadors, led by Head Boy and Girl. In this mature capacity the culmination of their experience demonstrates confident learner leadership and readiness to take the next step into the adult world beyond school.

More information about the opportunities to take on responsibilities within school that are open to our students can be found on the Student Voice page.

A copy of the Home/School agreement can be downloaded here.