Settling into School

The transfer from Primary to Secondary School is an exciting time for parents and their children. It brings a whole range of new experiences, changes and people into a child’s life and is seen as the turning point in the development of life skills such as independent working, self-discipline and organisation. Essential skills for success at High School have to be taught and learnt. The year 7 Team is focused on guiding the learners through their first year to develop these important skills.

Our curriculum is designed to be accessible for all abilities and to maximise potential. Throughout your child’s final year at Primary our staff will ensure that your child’s transfer from Primary to Secondary is successful. Liaison with our feeder Primary Schools begins in the autumn term and continues throughout the year.

Curriculum continuity between Key Stage 2 and 3 is a priority and it is essential that your child does not take a dip in performance or tread water after their Primary Education. Liaison with our feeder schools has meant that all Primary Teachers are aware of our curriculum and the knowledge and skills and understanding which are needed for each subject. We understand the hard work which has taken place in our local Primary Schools. In order for us to build on this knowledge, our specialist staff visit year 6 children at our local Primaries and we are keen to open our doors at Carleton for specialist taster lessons. All year 7 learners are linked to a year 9 Buddy on entry. A family like structure of Buddies emerges progressively throughout the school.

Parental involvement is paramount to our success and we look forward to meeting parents and carers at forthcoming events.