KS3 Information Technology & Computer Science


ICT KS3At Carleton, we want to prepare our learners to be successful participants in the world of work and to be able to fully utilise all technologies available to promote their learning at Carleton and into further education.

Technology permeates our daily lives so completely we probably do not realise how reliant we are on these technologies and without them many of the basic tasks we carry out every day would just stop and we would find it very difficult to go back to old methods of working of just 5 years ago.

IT is a subject that changes regularly, as it reflects the changes that are happening in the real world.

For a number of years Information Communication Technology has been the main teaching focus of IT, equipping learners with transferable skill in the use of technology required by employers.

In this new scheme of work we have ensured that we are continuing to deliver these essential functional skills under the name Digital Literacy.





Framework Foundations

NAACE ICT Framework

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