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ASDA Design An App Competition.




Today we celebrated our students' success in the 'Design an App' for ASDA competition.
The students have been working since November to create the designs for an app that can be downloaded and played when visiting ASDA superstores. They had to create a 'pitch' to describe their ideas and record a promotional video which was to be reviewed by the Design, Marketing and IT teams at ASDA head office in Leeds.

Callum Miller with his entry Cash Kids.
Shelby Barker and Emily Whitaker with their entry Augmented Reality Shopping Trolley.
Emma Stainer, Laura Sykes, Louis McKenna, William Mowbray and Natalie Burton with their entry Collect Fruit for Points.
Christopher Gent Newbould, Nathan Collins and Ryan Jones with their entry AS-DA run.

Our teams were up against 45 other entries. The comments for these entries from the judging panel were, "Everyone who has entered can be very proud of themselves. This is the first time we've run the competition and we've been very impressed with the quality of what they've produced.
It's incredibly encouraging that the next generation of potential IT professionals are so imaginative, expressive and diligent. We hope this experience has encouraged some of them to consider careers in IT and retail in the future. Whatever they choose to do, this is the sort of thing that's going to look cracking on a CV, job application or a personal statement for college".

The competition was won by Kayleigh Willoughby's entry Find the Fruit. Kayleigh was presented with a Personalised Trophy for her App designs at a special presentation this morning from Phil the Head of IT from ASDA and Gary Business Analyst Manager who also brought along two friends from the ASDA chosen by Kids range.


ASDA Design An App Competition.


On Wednesday a 39 Students taken part in the Design an App for ASDA competition, working with ASDA Business Analyst Craig Elliott to develop a Mobile App to entertain and educate children when they are shopping in an ASDA store with their family.

AsdaThis has been an excellent opportunity to work with real businesses, see how new technology is changing the way we live. The students were planning the designs for their Apps and developing the wireframes. The students have had to ensure their App will keep children happy and entertained during their store visit, keep grown-ups happy and free to do the shopping and be fun and easy-to-use by the children themselves.

There were some really cutting edge ideas being though up today, maybe a future Nick D'Aloisio's.


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Watch out Bill Gates and Marissa Mayer.


Six budding IT developers of the future attended a programming event with Jadu with the IT/Computing Department. Learning how to develop apps for Iphone, Android and Blackberry’s using the Weejot Development platform. Working with the companies lead programmers each of the student gained experience in programming in HTML5, Javascript and jQuery. By the end of the event each of the students published their apps to the Internet and demonstrated them working on Ipads.


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