Home learning


Home LearningEnsure that a backup of your child’s ICT work is made by saving it to a home computer, the school computer and a memory device, such as a memory stick.

Encourage safe working practices by ensuring your child takes breaks from using the computer and avoids long periods of repetitive game-playing which can lead to health problems. Check regularly that your child is using computer time wisely and safely.

Where the homework specifically requires the use of ICT equipment this is available during normal school hours and via a number of after school activities run by the department and other areas of the school e.g. the Learning Resource Centre.

We are often asked by parents what software they could purchase for home, which could support their youngsters in school. We are sometimes reluctant to recommend software, since some of the packages used in school are expensive and would not be used for a long enough period to justify an often significant outlay.

We will never expect learners to buy software to complete homework set in class; any software that is required for homework will be free to download and use. These are all listed in the ICT section of the school VLE, your child has a username and password to access this.