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Key Stage 4 Modern Foreign Languages GCSE & NVQ



We currently offer two Modern Foreign Languages, French and Spanish as GCSE option subjects and in addition, NVQ Spanish and NVQ French. Knowledge of a second language is an important asset, useful to employers and now, at times, demanded by universities and colleges. The government is actively encouraging young people to continue to study at least one language in KS4 due to a national shortage of language qualifications.


Learners will follow the AQA examination syllabus in either French or Spanish and can be entered for the examination at Foundation or Higher level (or even a mix!), according to ability.

Our aim : by the end of the GCSE course learners will be able to :

* understand the language spoken by a native speaker

* read the language with a good understanding

* express themselves with reasonable accuracy

* write accurately about topics covered

To enhance learning, authentic material is used as much as possible alongside modern, vibrant teaching materials. We also strongly encourage learners to take part in our language-based residential visits to Paris/Euro Disney and Rosas/Costa Brava. This not only increases their cultural awareness and appreciation, but also gives learners a chance to put what they have learned in the classroom to good use.

There are two tiers at examination, Higher and Foundation.

Grades attainable at the Higher level are A* - C and C – G at Foundation.

Listening – 20%

Speaking – 30%

Foundation : 30minutes

Higher : 40 minutes

Foundation : 8 – 10 minutes

Higher : 10 – 12 minutes

Reading – 20%

Writing – 30%

Foundation : 30minutes

Higher : 50 minutes

2 pieces of coursework of 100 – 200 words each

We strongly believe that a language qualification is a skill for life. Not only does it enhance employment opportunities but can enrich your own experiences at home and abroad.

Here is a guide to the top grades that should help you.

You cannot fail with a language!

At KS4 there are revision workshops in both languages from 3.3.0 – 4.30 pm, mainly for the development of speaking skills.


e-Learning / useful websites : (or French)


There is a wide range of resources available online to support the language skills acquired in the classroom.


Languages are a skill for life

NVQ Spanish and NVQ French

Alongside the GCSE course, the department has introduced NVQ Business Languages in Spanish or French which offers competence-based language skills designed for the needs of the workplace. This course is ideal for learners with a keen interest in the world of business and NVQs are a well-recognised qualification in industry. Learners do not sit formal exams, but take regular assessments and produce a portfolio of evidence. There are two levels of assessment depending on the competency of the candidate. Our learners are aware of the benefit of acquiring work-related facts and data and find themselves more engaged and challenged in their learning.

¡Anímate y continua con tu español!

Alors, le français c’est chouette!