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Paris 2017


Bonjour tout le monde!

What a great time we had in our trip to Paris during October half - term!!!!


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C'etait magnifique!!!!

The students were brilliant!
They were a credit to themselves and their families and of course, to the school.
Even with the teasing of the Cornish contingent, our students conducted themselves with dignity and Yorkshire pride. I can think of only one adjective to describe this bunch .....lovely!!
And here goes to the staff...
Mr Thornton led the troops with assertiveness, clarity and precision .
Mr Disney entertained the troops with great sense of humour and bonhomie and used his expertise to ensure everything run smoothly.
Miss Beaumont looked after the troops with heartfelt commitment and dedication.

We created lovely memories of our few days in France.
From paying homage to the fallen Yorkshire soldiers in a world war cemetery , lunch in a bistro in Boulogne, going up the steps of the towers of Notre Dame (422 steps!!), cruising along the Seine, admiring the views from the second floor of the iron lady (Tour Eiffel), making crêpes, strutting the catwalk in a bin bag fashion show, town trails in a medieval town, shopping at the market, picnic in the forest, bonfire in the woods, Halloween disco and finalement a whole day experiencing the magic of Disney!!

I would like to thank all the people that contributed to the success of this trip: SLT, finance, reprographics but above all , the team of staff who made it possible.

à bientôt,

Señora Romero



Linguafest 2017

On 21st June this years Linguafest took place at the University of Leeds.

Our students displayed plenty of talent and team spirit but the judges did not consider our performance the winning act.  They did, however,  praise the originality of the play( it was a political satire - "Aladino a la mejicana") and the strong team effort.

Our students also performed in Spanish a song from "Annie the musical", a traditional Mexican song " La Cucaracha ", the number one at the charts "Despacito" and "A whole new world" from Aladdin.

The students involved were: Annalise Ainsworth, Theo Biddle,James Bamford, Joe Costello, Dylan Booth, Josh Booth, Taylor Bruce, Daniel Hatfield, Jorja Barraclough,Esme Hale, Millie Morgan , Spencer Pickering and Steven Richardson.

They also had taster lessons in Arabic and Chinese.

A special "gracias" to Mr Chiselm for driving us to Leeds.

Perhaps next year we will do "Hamlet"...


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spanish theatre


Our Visit to Rosas, Costa Brava (Spain), May 2016


On the 26th May, 28 years 10 and 9 students and 4 staff went to Rosas in Costa Brava in sunny, sunny Spain ( actually, weather wise we had a right mixed bag as they say in this neck of the woods : sun, clouds, showers, thunder, lightning, more sun....we even had a power cut for five minutes at the hotel due to summer storms!).
Nonetheless we had a fantastic time and the students were a credit to themselves, their families and the school.
The drivers, Darren and Paul, also made a great contribution to make the trip a real success.

On the way down to Spain we stopped at the Millau bridge where our students saw the amazing product of modern design and engineering and they also saw samples of the traditional French floor toilets much to the amusement of our female contingent. The views of the valley from the Millau bridge are breath taking and I hope they stay in our students' minds for a very long time - all the selfies they took will help bring those memories to life no doubt.
When we arrived to the hotel on Friday afternoon, whilst I was sorting out all the logistics with the tour rep, the students and staff went for a splash in the pool. After dinner we went for a stroll along the boulevard and it was great to see all the excitement when they saw the beach!! We went for a lovely walk and "gate crashed" a German garden party, doing a spontaneous flash-mob to "Sweet Caroline" and "YMCA".


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Next day it was an early start to go on a day trip to the magnificent city of Barcelona - we went to Camp Nou, a couple of students bought for 30 euros a box with grass from the pitch where Leo Messi shows his magic! An expensive but unique souvenir. Then we went to Parc Güell , designed by Barcelona's famous architect Antoni Gaudi - we arrived a bit late but we still had an hour and a half to enjoy, at leisure, some of the highlights of the park. Finally we spent the rest of the afternoon at Tibidabo theme park where apart from enjoying the rides, we could also enjoy stunning views of the city. In the evening we went to watch the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atlético . I must admit that I was not very pleased with the result :(

The following day we spent the morning at Figueres where we went to the Dali museum and did a quiz (congratulations to Emma Stainer the winner, and Louise Stainer and Hannah Bailes the two runners up). We also did some shopping and then we went to the water park in Lloret de Mar for the rest of the afternoon. In the evening we went on the disco train ride along the bay of Rosas and saw superb views of the town at dusk.  We then returned to the hotel to relax, playing pool and also improving international relationships; we had a great time joining the French and Spanish pensioners who taught us a few moves and how to keep young thanks to music and dance.

On Monday morning we went on a boat cruise to Cadaqués where the students had to do a shopping task challenge, which was successfully completed by all. We were planning an afternoon on the beach , but it had to be cancelled as there was a big thunder storm with power cut included....we decided to swim in the pool in the rain!! In the evening "operation Jean Pierre" continued and we had a great time mingling with the pensioners on the dance floor.

On the following morning we had to depart from the hotel but our adventure was not nearly over yet. We went to the language school and then did some shopping. When we left the hotel, we were told by the staff at reception that we were the best school group the hotel ever had. On our way back home, we stopped at the historical French city of Narbonne to see the beautiful cathedral and sample some French culture and create some more memories to cherish. Mine I will not forget as a bird decided to leave a "souvenir" all over me.

I would like to thank once again all the students who took part on the trip for being such great company and to the staff who demonstrated the highest standards of duty of care and commitment to make the trip so enjoyable and successful. ¡Viva Rosas!

Mucho Love,

Señora Romero


“Spain was by far the best residential I’ve been on!
I will forever remember the memories I made whilst I was there. We explored loads of different places in Spain (and in France on the way home), which was so much fun, but at the same time we were improving our Spanish speaking skills.
If I had the opportunity, I would definitely go again and I would certainly recommend it to other students!
I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the amazing teachers who took us and cared for us whilst we were there, you all made the trip worthy!”

Imogen Coney, year 10


“I would definitely recommend the trip to Spain to the younger students. It was a fantastic experience and we all had a really good time in those six days. We got to know the Spanish culture better and we also learnt new language and accents.
The teachers in the trip were a right laugh and went out of their way to make sure that the trip was fun, even on the coach journey, everybody bonded and had a laugh. My favourite part has got to be “Waterworld” in Lloret de Mar and “Camp Nou” in Barcelona, places I wouldn’t normally get to experience but I am glad I have”

Hannah Cryer, year 10


Romeo y Julieta December 2015

In order to establish closer links to English, Year 8x1 have been describing characters from Shakespeare's plays in Spanish.

The most popular characters have been Romeo and Juliet, although some students also chose to describe Hamlet, Macbeth and Puck from A Midsummer's night dream.

The best piece of work was produced by Ellie Stocks, although many students wrote excellent pieces of work too.


romeo juliet1


romeo juliet2


romeo juliet3


Paris 2015

Some pictures and thought from the MFL visit to Paris in October 2015


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Memoires de notre séjour en France
23-27 Octobre 2015

“Paris was amazing! Definitely an experience of a lifetime. The things I enjoyed the most was either the Eiffel Tower or Disneyland. However , I enjoyed everything we did , including the coach quiz! “ Leo Lewis

“I had a great time in Paris. We went to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame , we went on a boat trip and my favourite thing was going to Disneyland and we went on lots of rides .My favourite ride was Space Mountain. Our dorm was full of ladybirds!”
Bella Thrower

“I really enjoyed my time in Paris. I found it an amazing experience and one that I definitely will not forget. My favourite parts were :Disneyland, the Halloween disco and riding the golf buggies round the gardens of the château. I liked getting to know the teachers but also my classmates that much better” Jess Barr

“Bonjour! Je m’appelle Ella et j’adore Paris! En octobre j’étais à Paris. Nous sommes allés à Disneyland, Notre Dame , la tour Eiffel et la rivière Seine” Ella Boldy

“I found Paris a great experience. We went to the Eiffel tower, did a town trail in a medieval town and visited Disneyland. Disneyland was the best, it was amazing going on the tower of terror, space mountain , Indiana jones and many more. It was such a good trip that I would recommend it to anyone. It was trip that I will never forget.”
Elland Viles

“It was an amazing experience to have with all my friends! It was a great chance for us to bond and create friendships with other schools. The staff looked after us well, gave us great fun and entertained us on long journeys”
Caitlyn Birch

“I loved France because everybody got along. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity” Theo Biddle

“France was the best trip that I have been so far. The best part was the Eiffel tower!”
Matthew Hardwick

“I really enjoyed the Paris trip – apart from accommodation which wasn’t too bad I suppose- it was amazing! We visited great places including: the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame and a great historic market town! I enjoyed the height of both huge building and also enjoyed being with my mates whilst I was doing all of this!” Harry Dobson

“The France trip was great fun and I would love to go again! I like it when we went to Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower, and especially when we went on the rides in Disneyland!” Megan Clarckson

“France was amazing! It was a great opportunity for year 8s who are interested in how people live and in the attractions of France” Eloïse Lovell

“I really enjoyed Disneyland because it was something I haven’t done before but I didn’t enjoyed the snails because I don’t enjoy new food!” Ella MacDonald

“France was a mazing and the teachers were really fun. It was one of the best trips I have been on and we all had a lot of fun. I am grateful that I could go because it was a great trip and I felt safe. I would definitely recommend the trip to other students because it was awesome!” Laura Burton

“France was so much fun! The teachers looked after us well, all thecativities were enjoyable , especially the visit to the Eiffel tower. I would recommend the trip to anyone” Oliver Peacock

“I loved Paris so much! It was amazing. I loved the boat trip, seeing the Eiffel tower and Disneyland. Thank you so much to my parents for paying for the trip, it has increased my interest for language” Ellanna Duncan

“France was really good and I am glad that my mum and dad let me go.The teachers were very kind and helpful. It was the best trip ever! I owul ddefinitely recommend the trip to other year 8s” Leah Ball

“France was genuinely the most fun I ever had! It was so good!” Sarah Stevenson

“In France we visited the main attractions, like the Eiffel tower , Notre Dame and Disneyland. I got to know my teachers better, met some new people , learnt more French and had a brilliant time” Lloyd Crewe

“I would recommend the trip to Paris because it is the best trip I have been on. We went to Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower. I loved every place we visited despite my favourite being Disney land” Brendon Wilson

“I really enjoyed going to France with school. On the trip I got to see so many new things and met new people. We got to go to many amazing places such as Notre Dame, the Eiffel tower and a market. Even though it took a long time to get there, it was worth it to see the Eiffel tower. It was truly fantastic!” Lucy-Jo Blakeston

“I enjoyed going to France because it was a good experience and we went to the Eiffel Tower which was really good. My favourite part was Disneyland and seeing the parade it was amazing!” Holly Pearce

“Paris was a great experience for all of us ! I loved every bit of it , especially going up the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, but Disneyland was my favourite part. I would recommend it to anyone” Harry Stewart-Raywood

“I enjoyed our visit to France. I enjoyed going up both the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame . We alos went to a historic market town. I enjoyed shopping there as it was a chance to use my French skill. My favourite experience was Disneyland as I went on the best rides with my friends” Mason Booth


European Day of Languages


On the 25th of September 2015 we celebrated the European day of languages.  The aim is to promote cultural and linguistic diversity and there was an special assembly for years 7. 8 and 9.  

It was our own Eurovision contest with the following performances :

Georgia Mae Evans sang the Spanish version " Titanium " by David Guetta.
Theo Biddle sang the Spanish version of "Tomorrow" from "Annie" the musical.
Georgia Mae Evans and Logan Cording sang " Un mundo ideal" , the Spanish version of "A whole new world" from "Aladdin" , the movie from Disney Films.
The final performance was from six year 11 students ( Adam Lovell, Thomas Misson, Thomas Flowers, Hayley Martin, Wendy Westmoreland and Georgia Daskalaski) singing the French version of "Can you hear the people sing?" ( A la volonte du peuple) from the musical "Les Miserables".

All performances were technically managed for sound and vision by Nathan Purcell in year 9 and the performance received an outstanding ovation from an audience of almost 500 students!

In the afternoon two undergraduates from Leeds University came to deliver motivational chats to students from years 8 and 10 about the importance of language learning and opportunities for the future for those who decide to continue learning languages at GCSE and beyond.


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York University Trip 2014

On Friday 4th of July, as part of our enrichment activities , fourteen year 9 and 10 students went to a Languages and Careers day at York St. John Business School.  The aim of the event was to show how languages can enhance their future careers.  The students attended four workshops: The value of language connections , 'Languages as an strategic choice' , 'Languages and marketing' and 'Do you have what it takes to interpret?'

Our students were fully engaged and showed excellent attitude and behaviour.


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Linguafest 2014


On Thursday 3rd of July, 11 year 9 students represented our school at Linguafest, an inter-school competition which aims to raise the profile of languages and increase the love for language learning.

Our students' act was called "Carleton's revolution " and it was a musical drama based on the French revolution. They performed a brief sketch summarising the end of the French monarchy and they sang a song from "Les Misèrables".

Their performance was awesome , however the judges did not agree and we came second.

Although they did not win the trophy, they certainly won my heart.


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Why Languages

On Wednesday 11th June twenty one students from Year 8 visited the University of Leeds to take part in a 'Why Languages? conference.

The day was designed to promote a love of language learning and give an insight into university life. There were activities aimed at giving students the opportunity to showcase their existing linguistic skills and also experience taster sessions in German, Russian and Arabic.

The students also took part in a competition to design and present a world cup mascot in a foreign language in front of students from the King's School and Kettlethorpe High. Senior lecturers from the University's Modern Language Department were on hand to judge the final results and choose the top two teams as winners.

A team from Carleton clinched one of the winner's places - congratulations to Annabel Willis, Sophie Campbell, Charlotte Harper and Anna Neilson for their hard work and presentation skills!

why languages


Rosas 2014

Do you even Barcelona?

Do you even "Sturridge"?

I know that these questions are grammatically wrong but so meaningful for all the students and staff that took part in this excellent residential visit – perhaps the best one ever!

The students made the school and their families proud with their positive approach and cooperative attitude. Even when they realised that the phrase "the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane" is a myth, they still embraced the challenging weather conditions for a boat trip with a positive outlook and had great fun dancing in the rain.

As a party leader, I asked them to become one big family for those few days and so they did. They looked after each other and after the staff. During those days we forged strong, positive relationships that reinforce our sense of community.

Mr Turpin once again displayed his legendary DJ skills and offered plenty of entertainment on the coach with his quizzes and "Linked" games. He has created a fantastic video that summarises our unforgettable days together. He is currently making copies so everybody will have a visual diary of our visit to Spain.

Miss Day kept the fiesta going encouraging spontaneous "macarenas" in all sort of places – flash – mobbing in museums, next to bridges, stadiums and boats. And Mr Thornton, although a novice, quickly became a legend amongst our students with his rigorous physical training and genuine admiration for all the geographical wonders of the journey.

I sincerely thank all involved in the success of this residential visit, including the unsung heroes in Finance, Reprographics, Administration and Medical Room.

A big thank you as well to the Leadership of the school for allowing these "out of the classroom" learning experiences to happen.
The aim was to appreciate Spanish culture and improve language skills, and above all, bring wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. Mission accomplished!!!

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Looking forward to the next one.


Señora Romero

MFL Winners

Congratulations and thank you, merci, gracias to the following year 7 students for completing our MFL questionnaire: Zara Allan, Lucy Milner and Freddie Kirby - Clarke. You have been selected from our prize draw and will receive a prize.

Paris 2013

A group of Year 8 students visited Paris over the half-term holidays. We visited The Eiffel Tower,which unfortunately was closed due to a Greenpeace protester abseiling down the side. The students however, took this in their stride and ate their lunches in the shadows of the huge tower and had the opportunity to get some great photos. A visit to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and onward to a relaxing river cruise down the Seine to see Notre Dame Cathedral.

The students had the chance to practice their French speaking skills in a French Market town, and see a traditional French Chateau. The highlight of the trip was a day out at Disneyland Paris where some of our girls really showed up the boys when it came to going on the really scary rides!!

All students were excellent representatives of our school, and a credit to their parents. To quote a shop assistant in a service station who was overheard chatting with her colleague...."That school group are the most polite bunch of kids we've ever had in here!!

To view a gallery of pictures from the visit click here.

Linguafest 2013

On Monday 1st July twelve year 9 students represented our school at Linguafest , an inter-school competition to promote the love for languages. Our students came third in a group of ten schools.

Their act was called 'The Importance of Opinions' and they did a drama sketch set in a Spanish classroom and then sang a song in Spanish 'me gustas tu'. (See the video below)


The students are:

Lydia Barrat

Caitlin Boden

Amy Haigh

Molly Heselgrove

Chloe Wilks

Emmerson Moody

Ethan Potts

Ronny Odima

Curtis Winfield

Paulius Pazera

Harry Eastell

Emily Carter


Estamos muy orgullosos, chicos y chicas!!!


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Bastille Day 2013

On célèbre la Révolution Française!!!!

Aujourd’hui on celebre la fête nationale à Carleton…..

Le quatorze juillet c’est la fête mais cette année c’est dimanche et l’école c’est fermé…..

On célèbre la liberté, l’égalité, la fraternité

On célèbre l’abolition de la monarchie

On célèbre le bleu, le blanc, le rouge

On célèbre les droits des citoyens

On célèbre la culture,la raison…..

On célèbre le pouvoir de la guillotine

Bien que Je suis espagnole, J’adore France, sa langue, sa culture, le gens, la nourriture, le paysage, l’histoire, Paris , bien sûr, la cite de la lumière, la cite de la’amour….

On célèbre la Révolution française!!!!!


Paris 2012.

Notre séjour en France

Nous avons fait une excursion de quatre jours en France.

Le vendredi nous avons visité un cimetière de la deuxième Guerre mondiale, J’ai trouvé ça intéressant car J’adore l’Histoire.

Puis nous sommes allés à Boulogne-sur-Mer, où nous avons visité Nausicáa pour regarder les poissons, J’ai aimé bien les requins!

Le Samedi nous sommes allés a Paris, c’était inoubliable. D’abord nous avons fait une croisière sur la Seine ,c’etait incroyable! Nous avons vu tous les monuments: Notre Dame, la Bastille, Le Louvre, le musée d’Orssay, etc.

Puis, nous sommes montés au deuxième étage de la Tour Eiffel c’était sensationnel avec les vues spectaculaires!

Plus tard nous sommes allés au Louvre et nous avons vu “Mona Lisa”, c’était impressionant.

Le Dimanche nous avons visité une ville médiévale qui s’appelle Brie Comte Robert, nous sommes allés au marché et nous avons acheté de l’ail, du pain, du saucisson, du fromage etc. Puis, nous avons visité le château Fontainebleau c’était très historique. Le soir, nous avons fait un feu de joie dans le bois et une fête de Halloween c’était drôle et amusante.

Le lundi nous sommes allés au Parc Disneyland ,c’était genial!

Le mardi nous sommes arrivés en Angleterre.

J’adore la France!

By Vinnie Smith 8SD

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And here is another account of the weekend.

Nuestro viaje a Rosas 2012


Here is a brief account of our wonderful time in Spain during our residential visit.

We departed on the 31st of May and had a slight delay with coach ( apologies to all the parents who waited patiently by the school gates ) and later on with ferry crossing.

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We departed on the 31st of May and had a slight delay with coach ( apologies to all the parents who waited patiently by the school gates ) and later on with ferry crossing.

We arrived at our hotel the next day in the early afternoon and it was really "scorchio", so after going to the Spanish language academy , we had a great time sunbathing and splashing around in the pool.

The next day we went to Barcelona and we had a fantastic day, firstly in Camp Nou enjoying the glory of Barcelona fc and then we went to a house designed by Antoni Gaudi - casa Batllo.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Tibidabo theme park or the magic mountain as it is called by people from Barcelona. In the evening we had a ride on the disco train and we appreciated the beautiful views of the bay of Rosas in the moonlight.

On Sunday morning we went to the Dali museum in Figueres to see the awesome creations of this Spanish genius.

We then spent the afternoon in a waterpark where, after an hour, there was an amazing summer storm ....but this did not stop us from having a great time and dancing the macarena in the rain!

We had a disco in the evening with Mr Turpin displaying promising skills as a DJ.

On Monday we went on a boat trip to Cadaques where learners were divided into groups to carry out a shopping task, improve their financial skills by manipulating the euro and of course, practicing their Spanish.

In the afternoon we played games on the beach, relaxed and did some shopping. We finished the day with another awesome disco session.

The next day learners went to the language academy for another hour and then we had a farewell lunch at this fantastic local restaurant where we sampled calamares and paella. Delicioso!!!!

I would like to thank the 28 learners involved in this trip for they were a credit to our school and their families.

A special "gracias" to Ellie Preece for designing the hoodies.

Also many thanks to Mr Turpin, Miss Day and Mr Martinez for the enthusiasm and commitment to make this trip such a success.


Señora Romero

Viva España


Linguafest 2012

Nineteen year 8 Carleton learners represented our school at Linguafest which took place at the King's school.

The event was organised by the coordinators of MFL from King's and Carleton and it was supported by the local authority and the North East Learning Community.

Linguafest was an inter-school celebration of language learning. It was also an improvised fiesta to celebrate the achievements of Spanish football making history ...

The students displayed their language skills through music,dance and drama. They also had a continental buffet and a bush tucker trial which involved trying some continental delicacies such as snails, frog legs, Rochefort cheese and olives.

Seven schools took part in the event and our school came second!!!


the learners involved were:

Lizzie Walsh
Charlotte Dee
Emma Varley
Olivia Hardwick
Libby Hood
Nathan Prentice
Adam Edwards
Ethan Potts
Connor Haigh
Harry Eastell

Hamid Ayatollahzadeh
Ronnie Odima
Roberta Cuttle
Caitlin Boden
Shannon Blackie
Charlotte Riley
Lucy Satur
Lydia Barrat
Tom Atkinson

Señora Romero

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French Partnership

Inter Action

French flagWe are pleased to announce that we have a partnership with a French High School on the West coast of France. The exchange involves learners exchanging videos and emails with the aim to enable an understanding of other cultures and lifestyles at the same time as improving language skills.

If you are interested have a look at the schools website:

Where is Nantes?

Au revoir!