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Even More Colour Games

Download games to help with your knowledge of the colours.

French Game

Spanish Game


French Dates

Games to download

Dates board game

Quel date est il


French Colours

First watch the video -



Then fill in the gaps here

Then check your answers here


More French Colours

More colours games to download

Colours Battleships

Battle ships - Players mark 3 squares and take turns to hit their partners' ships. Players give an opinion about a school item and a reason (e.g. I like blue, I don't like green).  Download the game.

Colours Options

Trap door activity – Partner A chooses one word from each box. Partner B then reads out the passage and tries to guess what words their partner has chosen. If they get it right, they continue, if they guess incorrectly, they have to start from the beginning (partners can say 'Encore une fois' = again). Repetition with a purpose. Builds memory techniques.   Download the game.