BTEC MEDIA extended certificate level 2


This is a vocational course for pupils who would like to follow a career path in media industries with a particular emphasis on video production. There are 4 units of study to be completed over 2 years with 3 levels of achievement. Pass level is equivalent to a GCSE grade C. Merit level is similar to a grade B and distinction a grade A or A*.


Charlie Duke visits Carleton


Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke kindly agreed to be interviewed by our media students during his recent visit to the school. The students also had the opportunity to work along side a professional news team from the BBC who recorded their own interview for Look North.

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Year 11 Media Students.


Some of the media group have produced leavers videos for their fellow pupils. A unique collection of memories from five years at Carleton.

Year 11 DVDs Produced

Rebecca Tough, Bethany Lockett and Jessica Press have taken orders for almost 90 copies of their DVD's.


Sy Liebergot

Sy Liebergot


Image of Sy Liebergot, Flight Controller for Apollo missions 8-15, Skylab and early shuttle flights. He was in charge when the major incident on Apollo 13 took place. He was the voice that said

Gene Kranz: EECOM, is this an instrumentation problem, or are we looking at real power loss here?

Sy Liebergot: It's, it's reading a quadruple failure - that can't happen! It's, it's got to be instrumentation.


Sy told us that he is still reminded of that comment 40 years on!


He was interviewed by three pupils of Year 11 as part of the BTEC Media programme. and recounted his experiences throughout his 25 years working for NASA. Sy continues to add to our impressive list of Lunar Astronauts and key members of the Ground Staff who played a key part in journeys to the moon and other space exploration.

Sky is shown meeting Alex James James Marris and Jonathan Boyle


Richard Gordon's Visit


Former NASA astronaut Richard Gordon visited the school at the end of March. He kindly agreed to be interviewed by the media group and Charlotte Bruce expertly asked the questions. The whole interview was recorded in high definition and will become the basis of a documentary to be produced by the media group about the Gemini and Apollo missions. A Calendar news team were also present and this gave our students an insight into the work of the professionals.

Richard Gordon blasted into Earth orbit aboard Gemini 11 in 1966 and conducted a 30 minute space walk at what was then a record breaking altitude. He subsequently became the command module pilot on Apollo 12 and flew with fellow astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan Bean who became the second crew to successfully land on the Moon in November 1969.

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Ed Mitchell's Visit

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, visited the school on the 2nd of July to give an interview to the year 10 media group. He answered a number of questions about his expedition to the Fra Mauro region of the Moon in February 1971, and the interview was recorded in high definition - a first for our students. Dr Mitchell remains one of only 12 men to have walked on the surface of the Moon and his visit to Carleton follows those of four of his fellow astronauts - Charles Duke, Alan Bean, Buzz Aldrin and Fred Haise.


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Ed Mitchell Ed Mitchell
Ed Mitchell Ed Mitchell
Ed Mitchell