KS4 Business & Communications



This GCSE course will introduce students to various aspects of the world of business and encourage them to consider the impact of the business environment, workplace, organisation, human resource management and effective communication in the running of businesses.

Areas Studied

Unit 8 - ICT Systems in Business

businessThis unit introduces candidates to the importance of business, and communication systems which contribute to the success of a business in achieving its objectives. In particular, candidates will consider how ICT systems affect the way people work and how they can potentially improve communication both internally and externally. Candidates will be encouraged to consider not only the benefits of ICT in the workplace, but also the potential risks relating to the health and safety of staff and the security of data. Learners will acquire useful practical skills in a wide range of computer applications in business contexts.

Unit 9 - Using ICT in Business

discsThis unit introduces candidates to a range of software applications used to support each function of a business. It helps candidates to understand how a business can use software to capture, store, retrieve and analyse data in order to meet its requirements.

Unit 10 -Investigating ICT in Business

This unit is a controlled assessment and candidates undertake a case study of a business considering its needs and market position.

The students research the type of business in the case study and its potential competitors and create a presentation to show their findings.


Scheme of Assessment

The Scheme of Assessment is comprised of three components:

Unit 8 Theory Paper ICT Systems in Business Written Paper (1 hour) 60 marks / 40%

Unit 9 Using ICT in Business Practical Exam Paper (1 hour 30 minutes) 60 marks/ 35%

Unit 10 Investigating ICT in Business Controlled Assessment 60 marks / 25%

Learners can be entered at the Foundation Level (grade C–G) or the Higher Level (grade A*-D).


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Home learning

Home Learning

Ensure that a backup of your child’s Business work is made by saving it to a home computer, the school computer and a memory device, such as a memory stick.

The department follows the school homework policy and sets regular homework for all students in all key stages. Pupils are expected to take responsibility for their own learning in order to develop their independence.

The homework set covers various topics covering a range of subject content and skills development. Activities are related to work being carried out in sessions in order to move our students forward and allow them to achieve their full potential.

Where the homework specifically requires the use of ICT equipment this is available during normal school hours and via a number of after school activities run by the department and other areas of the school e.g. the Learning Resource Centre.

Pupils will receive homework when it is necessary to extend learning beyond the classroom. Pupils will have classwork catch up or corrections to do at home as and when it is necessary.