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Recommended Reading List for Key Stage 3

A list of suggested books can be seen here.

Recommended Reading List for Key Stage 4

A list of suggested books can be seen here.

 KS3 Homework in English 

In English, one extended piece of homework is set for all KS3 students each half term. Students are given at least four weeks to do this work and are expected to hand in all projects the week before the end of each half term. To support students, drop-in sessions are offered every Monday and Tuesday dinnertime. We also offer a homework club every Thursday after school. If students don't have access to the school website, we can supply them with paper copies of all tasks.

If work is not brought on the due date, students are given a further day to bring it in to their respective teacher without any further action being taken. If it is not handed in at the second attempt, students are automatically given a detention and asked to bring work in on an agreed date. If homework is still not produced, parents will receive a letter asking that they have a conversation with their child reminding them of their obligation to follow school policy and to complete the work set. Additional sanctions may be put in place following this intervention. Interim and report homework grade will be recorded as a '1' until the situation is rectified.

To reward those children who do bring in work on time, we hold half termly homework competitions in which the best pieces are selected, displayed and an overall winner is chosen in each year group. All students nominated for prizes will be displayed on the website and postcards sent home. Overall winners receive book vouchers.


Summer Term 2018 (Due Wednesday July 18th)


Click on the image to download a copy of the homework and all the resources  you need to complete the task.


Due: Wednesday July 18th  (If you know you won’t be in school on this date, ensure that you hand it in to your teacher before the deadline)


Year 7 

english y7 homework 06 18 


 Year 8


english y8 homework 06 18


Year 9


english y9 homework 06 18