Numeracy Challenge


How good is your Maths???


Maths Challenge 6

Answers to Miss Beaumont by the end of this Friday.

Can students put their name, form, and school house on their answers.  Please remember to add your house.


maths chall 15 06



maths chall 15 05Maths Challenge 2014/15 08

Answer - 50.4 girls - rounded to 50. 

Winners - Kayleigh Willoughby 8DWr & Mrs Gordhandas



maths chall 15 03

Maths Challenge 2014/15 07

 The answer was rulers = 10p and pens = 15p

Winners - Tom Griffin 9DWS & Mrs Blackburn 


maths chall 15 02Maths Challenge 2014/15 06

Answer - shop 1 was cheaper
Shop 1 cost £6.40
Shop 2 cost £6.48

Winner - Rebecca Taylor 11CPi


Mr Turpin


maths chall 15 02Maths Challenge 2014/15 05

Answer - 25.2 litres

Winner - Dylan Annakin 7VBu and Miss Blacker


maths chall 15 01Maths Challenge 2014/15 04

Answer - 1.5 Million

Winner - Olivia Evans 10PFe


maths chall 14 02Maths Challenge 2014/15 03

Answer - 11986

Winner - Miss Blacker 


maths chall 14 02Maths Challenge 2014/15 02

Answer - 11weeks 4 days 2 hours and 40 minutes

Winners : Joshua Moore 7VBu and Mrs Parietti


maths chall 14 01Maths Challenge 2014/15 01

Answer - 875 ml

Winners : Thomas Ball 7MCr and Mrs Pickering



Below are the challenges, answers, and winners from the summer term of 2014.

Thank you for your overwhelming responses to the weekly numeracy problems.

Over just 8 weeks we've had 196 correct solutions.

119 pupils have got involved and 31 members of staff.

If you did send a correct answer in, you should already have your certificate by now. Please display proudly!!!

We put all your correct entries from the past 8 weeks in a hat to pick our summer 2014 champions....

number challenge 07 14

 Oakley Dickinson (7SGr)              and                                      Miss Egan


Look out for the puzzles and prizes coming this September.

A big thank you to everyone that took part!!!!!

Paulius Pazera (10BR)
Callum Booth (8DWs)
Chloe Leach (9MG)
Bethan Lodge (9PFe)
Nathan Collins (8AP)
Kirsty Blakeston (9MG)
Thomas Flowers (9MD)
Amy Turner (7SGr)
Dominic Mills (8Dfr)
Joshua Ruckledge (10SCo)
Amelia Tickle (10HN)
Lucy Satur (10MCL)
Samantha Hudson (10CR)
Emma Stainer (8SBi)
Natalie Burton (8SBi)
Alex Mowbray (10MCL)
Kieran Stevens (10MCL)
Ethan Potts (10MCL)
Jacob Gaskell (10SCo )
Anthony Daskalakis (7RSR)
Chloe Leith (10MCL)
Kayleigh Willoughby (7RSR)
Olivia Hutchinson (8DFr)
Ame'E Mae Cummins (10SCo)
Morgan Binnersley (9MD)
Matthew Blower (8RDa)
Marianne Law (10SCO)
Sam Moore (9SD)
Danielle Sharpe (7JMy)
Joshua Hodlin (7DWr)
Megan Mills (9MG)
Evan Morris (9PFe)
Ellie - Mai Buckley (9MG)
Joseph Patrick (9PFe)
Nathaniel Hemmingway-Clegg (10CR)
Luke Birch (9MG)
Peter Lajos (8DSr)
Louise Stainer (8RDa)
Jessica Hutchinson (10SCo)
Harry Woods (8DSr)
Theo Bacon (8RDa)
Chloe Knox (8RDa)
Eleanor Eaton (8RDa)
Ella Crossley (8RDa)
Connor Schofield (8DSr)
Callum Batty (8DWs)
William Mowbray (8DWs)
Christopher Gent-Newbould (8AP)
Taylor Burton (8DFr)
Jamie Robinson (7SGr)
Steven Wright (7RSr)
Jake Stogden (7SGr)
Megan Jackson (7SW)
Max White (7SGr)
Jake Johnson (7SGr)
Henry Cobb (7DWr)
Mitchell Wood (7DWr)
Megan Green (7CGn)
Chloe Briggs (8DFr)
Conall McGuckin (7SGr)
James Roberts-Schmidt (7RSr)
Holly Langfield (7SGr )
Rosie O'Mullane (7SW)
Theo Novakovic (7SGr)
Tom Roberts (7SGr)
Laura Wilson (7CGn)
Caisha Fieldhouse (7CGn)
Ellie Candlin (7CGn)
Leah Horsefall (7CGn)
Aimee Dyson (7CGn)
Oakley Dickinson (7SGr)
Tamsin Ederies (7SGr)
Abbie Vause (7DWr)
Charlotte Robinson (7CGn)
Chloe Ward (7JMy)
Lily Fitzgerald (7CGn)
Luke Miller (7DWr)
Nyah Morris (7CGn)
Cade Rooke (7DWr)
Connah Storrer (7DWr)
Bethany Bryan (7DWr)
Sharlah Battye (7JMy)
Lucy Bevitt (7JMy)
Bradley Millington (7JMy)
Taylor Carrington (7JMy)
Leia Garbutt (7DWr)
Olivia Bent (7CGn)
Kerry Walker (9MG)

Mrs S Smith (Science)
Mrs Eastell
Mrs Fish
Miss Egan
Mr Sritharan
Mrs Parietti
Miss Blacker
Mr Cross
Mr Lonsdale
Mrs Addy
Mrs Bailey
Mrs Booth
Ms Bolton
Ms Woollin
Ms Wilson
Mr Gregson
Mrs Dickinson
Mr Williams
Ms Mitchell
Mrs Pickering
Miss Ainley
Mr Turpin
Mrs Beavis
Mr Chisem
Mrs Boden
Mrs Parkinson
Mrs Simpson
Mrs Nicholson
Mr Groves
Mrs Crewe


maths chall 08Maths Challenge 08

Answer - 1.6%

Winners :Kerry Walker 9MG and Mrs Crewe



maths chall 07Maths Challenge 07

Answer - 25.2 litres

Winners : Amy Turner 7SGr and Mrs Nicholson


maths chall 05Maths Challenge 06

Answer - 48 cm

Winners : Christopher Gent – Newbould 8AP and Miss Ainley


maths chall 05Maths Challenge 05

Answer - 80 marks

Winners : Nathan Collins 8AP and Mr Gregson

maths chall 04

Maths Challenge 04

Answer - 1080 females.

Winners : Luke Birch 9MG and Mrs Dickinson

maths chall 03

Maths Challenge 03

Answer - There were several correct solutions depending on how you interpreted the questions. The main two solutions are 20 and 28,

Winners - Evan Morris 9PFe and Ms Smith (Science)

maths chall 02

Maths Challenge 02

Answer - 2,365.2 hours (or 98 days, 13 hours and 12 minutes)

Winners - Sam Moore 9SD and Mr Cross

Maths Challenge 01maths chall 01

Answer - 10 a.m.

Winners - Olivia Hutchinson 8DFr & Mr Sritharan