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The RAF come to town

A group of our Year 10 students went up to The King's High School on Tuesday January 24th to join once again with students from Kings, QEGS and Wakefield Girls High School in a presentation by the RAF under the auspices of the Independent State School Partnership (ISSP).

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ISSP Trip to Caphouse Colliery

A group of Year7 pupils visited the Yorkshire Mining Museum as part of our Independent, State School Partnership.

Students from the four schools Carleton, Kings, Qegs and Wakefield Girls High completed a maths Quiz trail around the site and had a guided tour down the mine.

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UKMT Team Maths Challenge

A team of four pupils, two year 9 and two year 8, attended the UKMT Team Maths Challenge in York. These were the regional finals where twenty eight schools took part in the challenge. The Carleton team were Holly Langfield, Wendy Okach, Dawson Stenton and Kenton Reynolds.  They performed extremely well against top teams from all the schools represented however the overall winners were Queen Ethelbergs School from York.


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Pi Day


Pi day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world.

The Greek letter π is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is approximately 3.14159.

Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point. While only a few of the digits are needed for typical calculations Pi’s infinite number can be displayed in many different and fun ways.

During Stop the Clock Day Year 7 pupils completed varied tasks and investigations relating to Pi including making paper chains to represent its digits.

There was a competition for the longest chain which stretched the length of the lower school corridor.


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Maths Cross Curricular House Challenge.


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The WEG is a Global Online Event for all schools and students around the world. It is the expanded format of what was once World Maths Day and now includes World Literacy Day and World Science Day.


Students and schools taking part in the World Education Games will earn points for each correct answer given. A live digital Hall of Fame on the homepage will track the top scoring students and schools from right across the world. At the end of the event, medals and trophies will be awarded to the top students and schools.

Will you be crowned Champion of the World...?

The prizes are pretty good.

We will download the scores and allocate house points accordingly.



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Maths Logo

A new Maths' logo has been designed and prodcued by Jake Ruckledge- year 9.


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Maths Inspiration




Leeds West Yorkshire Playhouse was the destination for a group of year 10's and year 11's to attend a Maths Inspiration Event.

There were three interactive talks from some of the country's most engaging maths speakers.

Rob Eastaway : The Maths of Gameshows
Lisa Collins: Pigs, Chickens and criminals.
Matt Parker: Adventures in the 4th dimension.

This was followed by a Q & A session in which the students got the opportunity to ask the panellists anything they wanted to know.

"The guest speakers were very comedic and gave off a great entertainment vibe.
I enjoyed watching the maths show because it was performed well with a good twist to maths."

Georgia Daskalaki.


Codes & Ciphers


Four of our Y9 students went to Wakefield Girls' High School on Thursday to work on codes and ciphers.  They looked at the history of the use of codes dating back to Caesar and the Romans and then had the task of cracking and deciphering some themselves.  The event, run under the auspices of the Independent State School Partnership, also involved students from The Kings High School.  


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Leeds University Visit.

On the 4th of June we went to Leeds University for a maths day. It was so much fun. We did lots of activities such as maths trickery and lots of mini maths puzzles, plus we had a guided tour of the University and had the loveliest dinner ever! Thanks for taking us Mr Fekete. Hope to go again.
By Aimee and Rebecca. Year8.


New College Maths Competition

Eight of our top mathematicians from year 10 took part in the annual New College Maths Challenge. It was attended by schools from across the region.
The year 10's competed as two separate groups to solve extremely challenging A level maths questions and managed to achieve fourth place overall.
Well done to all.


Mathematical Master of the Year

lucy wongEach month pupils are nominated by their maths teachers for their hard work and achievement. Names are posted on a display in the maths dept and pupils receive a certificate through the post. A record is kept throughout the year of those nominated and this year's mathematical Master, having been nominated the greatest number of times, is LUCY WONG, a year7 pupil.

Congratulations Lucy. Keep up the good work.




New College Master Class

Simon Fletcher from New College visited the maths dept to present a master class to our top set year 10's. The pupils got a taste of what an A level lesson would be like and had a chance to ask questions about maths courses at New College.


Weekly Numeracy Challenge

Our weekly numeracy challenge has been a great success with many pupils and staff entering each week. There is a small prize up for grabs for one lucky pupil who is chosen at random from all correct entries.

If you are up for a challenge take a look here  where the questions will be posted each week and have a go.


Maths in Cookery

Four year7 pupils joined groups from Kings and QEGS for a Maths in Cookery lesson last week. The lesson was based on ratio in cooking and the pupils made chocolate crispy buns.

As you probably guessed the buns didn't last the journey home but we had an amazing time and met some new people. Tamsin Ederies.

The highlight of the day was meeting lots of new people and having fun too. Megan Green.

We all really enjoyed it and enjoyed meeting new people and baking lovely cornflake buns. Holly Langfield.

Overall the day was very exciting and I hope we have another one. Wendy Okach.


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Freaky Probablities

stecklesOn Tuesday 6th May, 13 gifted year 10 students attended Horbury Academy to see Dr Katie Steckles from the University of Manchester. She delivered two fantastic talks to the pupils. Students were shown a range of interesting probability situations before learning how they can use maths to – hypothetically – win free money in the 'freaky probability' talk.  Dr Steckles then led students into the world of four dimensional shapes and their three dimensional shadows in 'Adventures in the Fourth Dimension'. The pupils had a brilliant time and loved meeting Dr Steckles especially when learning that she can solve a Rubik cube in under a minute!


Year 6 Gifted Students

On Tuesday 3rd June, 32 gifted year 6 pupils visited us to take part in the annual year 6 maths challenge. We had competitors from Carleton Park, Delacy, Cobblers Lane and Rookeries primary schools.

Schools brought teams of four to compete over three rounds. Competition was fierce but the overall winners were Cobblers Lane Primary School. The team took away a scientific calculator each, certificates and the school trophy.

Great fun was had by all and we look forward to seeing many of the mathematically gifted competitors in September as they start year 7 with us.

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Numeracy Coaching

The Maths department runs intervention sessions for Year7 pupils each week. Gifted Year10 students work as coaches, helping and supporting with basic maths skills.

This year has been particularly successful with many Year7's completing the course and gaining more confidence in their maths ability and making great progress.

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A Taste of High School

Year 6 students from several of our feeder schools have been coming into Carleton one afternoon each week for the past six weeks.

They have been following a programme of maths lessons covering topics which will be relevant to their GCSE.

Some of the tasks have been quite challenging but the students have worked hard and have enjoyed the experience.

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Leeds University Visit

On the 9th of May a number of Year 8 students, including myself, went on a trip to Leeds University for a Maths challenge along with Kings, Wakefield Girls High School and Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. We got to Leeds for about 10 O’clock and we went into a small lecture theatre and were shown some Maths tricks including the Magic Matrix.

We then went on a campus tour where we saw the Great Hall where they graduate. We learnt that the campus is a mile long each way. We saw the sports centre on the campus with a pool and gym and discovered that the Olympic gold and bronze medal winners in the triathlon Allaistar and Johnny Brownlee went to Leeds. There were different types of accommodation; obviously you get better accommodation if you pay more. There are roughly about 32,000 students at Leeds University. The student union where all the shops and things that you need are has won awards because of its size and consistency. After our tour we went for lunch and the food was beautiful and surprisingly cheap for a university.

After lunch we had a maths challenge where there were mini challenges on the tables and you had to complete as many as you could. They were fun because when we got them wrong it was very frustrating. My team, Bethan Lodge, Kirsty Blakeston and me scored 14, one point behind the winners.

After a good day we waited for the bus and headed home.

Written by Grace Litchfield Year 8.


π Day.

Thursday 14th March was world pi day, (i.e the 3rd month on the 14th, 3.14... Get it???) To celebrate this we invited local primary schools to come and spend some time with us in our new LRC.

The year 6 gifted and talented pupils were first given the opportunity to explore the new library and it's books in order to find unusual facts about pi (including where their birthday/telephone number appears in pi). They were then stretched into deriving the formulae needed to calculate the area and circumference of circles.

After some pretty hard maths questions, they all got involved with creating a 'pi paper chain'.Sadly an American school still holds the world record for longest pi paper chain. But we did manage to stretch ours all the way around the new school's foyer.

A thoroughly good time was had by all, and we sent the students home mentally and physically exhausted, (and of course with an actual pie to eat)

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Further Mathematics Support Programme

Download information here.

AQA Online Assessment

Improve your grades by assessing yourself online at the AQA exam board site. An enormous selection of tests on numerous topics are available. To log on to the AQA site -

  • On your first visit click on Create Learner Account and enter your details. You will need the school centre number 38175. Ensure you remember the username and password that you create.
  • Choose your topic and level to create an online test.