GCSE Drama (AQA)




Unit 1 

Written Paper – 1 hour 30 minutes (80 marks – 40%)
The written paper comprises three sections:
A – Practical work completed during the course
B – Study and performance of a scripted play OR
C – Study of a live theatre production seen and studied in class
Candidates must answer Question 1 from Section A and choose one further question from either Section B or Section C.

This exam is taken at the end of Year 11..

Unit 2

Practical Work (120 marks – 60%)
Candidates are required to present practical work for two controlled assessment options, each with a weighting of 30% (60 marks each).
Controlled assessment options:

1 Devised Thematic Work
2 Acting
3 Improvisation
4 Theatre in Education
5 Physical Theatre

General Information

This course enables learners to develop confidence along with the ability to work in groups and improve acting skills. Much of the work is practical but it must be stressed that there is a written examination at the end of Year 11. This exam will ask learners to write about two of the following options:

1) Work undertaken in the classroom (COMPULSORY)
2) A live play which they have seen and studied in class
3) A scripted play which they have studied in lessons

It should be noted that whilst we welcome learners of all abilities into Drama, the following guidelines are essential reading before making a decision:

All practical assessments are group based: you do not do acting as an individual and you need to be prepared to work with a variety of other learners
Sometimes you will be expected to stay behind after school to rehearse

drama3Do not take this subject if you find it hard to get up and perform in front of an audience.

You will be expected at least once, to learn lines from a script.


Drama is an exciting and challenging subject which has been proven to improve the social skills, communication and confidence of many individuals. It is certainly not only for those learners who wish to pursue a performing arts career. We will run optional theatre visits throughout the course along with our well established London residential.

We also run an optional weekend residential trip to London where we visit the BBC studios, take a backstage theatre tour and see two West End shows.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Ms L Ross.