Key Stage 3 Science


We live in a world where scientific progress and discoveries are happening at a rapid rate. At Carleton we aim to empower students to be able to make sense of the developments that are happening all around them. By studying Science students are able to have opinions on a wide range of topics from climate change to artificial intelligence.

Our bespoke program of study for Key Stage 3 will enable students to become scientists of the future. We believe that the delivery of high quality lesson using a variety of thought provoking resources will allow our students to develop into the next generation of scientists. Our lessons will introduce students to the practical skills necessary to enable them to take scientific study further. Students will also get to develop skills of reasoning, analysis, evaluation and develop an understanding of the processes involved in scientific theories.

Science lessons at Carleton are fun, challenging and fully engaging for all students. We encourage students to develop a sense of curiosity about the world around them, and empower them with the tools and skills necessary to understand it.

Students will study 6 topic areas in years 7 & 8 and 3 in year 9. At the end of each topic, students are assessed using a formal exam. Around February half term of years 7 & 8 students will sit a mid -year assessment. Results from the topic tests and the mid-year assessment are used to place students into an appropriate set.

This is what you will learn about in Year 7


Year 7 Units

Accident and Emergency

What's the matter

Blast off

Captain Planet

All mixed up

Touch down


This is what you will learn about in Year 8

Year 8 Units

Diet and Health


Powering Paradise

Exercise and health

Periodic table

Lights, Camera, Action!


This is what you will learn about in Year 9



What it’s about

How its assessed

Drugs and Behaviour

Alcohol, smoking, drugs, nerves, brain structure, instinct and reflexes, learning, aggression

APP Activity - debating the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes


Genes, variation, twins, genetic crosses, cloning, selective breeding

Test composed of past SAT’s papers

Chemical Patterns

Alkali metals, equations, reactivity, metals and acids, displacement, corrosion

Test composed of past SAT’s papers

Chemical Reactions 2

Metals and non-metals, acids and alkalis, salts

Test composed of past SAT’s papers

Pressure, Forces and Moments

Pressure, moments, speed and forces

Test composed of past SAT’s papers

Energy Transfers

Light and electricity

APP Activity - Presenting and analysing data, drawing conclusions and evaluating practical methods.

The topics will be covered in different terms throughout the year.

Christmas term


  • Variation
  • Pressure, forces and moments
  • Chemical patterns
  • Drugs and behaviour

Spring term


  • Chemical reactions
  • Energy tansfers
  • Key Stage Booster Lessons in Preparation for End of Key Stage 3 Exam
  • End of Key Stage 3 Exam

Summer Term


  • How Science Works Project in Preparation for GCSE Science Course