PSHCE and Citizenship at KS3


Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education is an integral feature of the school curriculum, with aspects of each main topic, careers, health, economic awareness, safety, citizenship, environmental and community issues, featuring across many subject areas. Throughout the PSHCE course, all learners will have the opportunity to gain Wider Key Skills these are three skills based on skills required for the workplace or for further study: 'Reflecting and improving on learning', 'working in a team' and 'problem solving'. Pupils will also follow a First Aid course; this leads to a First Aid Certificate which can be used when applying for jobs in the future.

Connexions (formerly the Careers Service), police, youth service office and health professionals are invited to work with the learners and provide direct information and advice as appropriate to the planned programme of modular courses.

In accordance with national curriculum guidelines and subject to the approval of the governing body of the school, sex and relationships education is taught as an essential feature of the modules, focusing on personal relationships and healthy lifestyles.

Respect of self and others is an inherent theme of these units of work.

Citizenship is an integral focus of the course, as well as across the curriculum. This will encourage all learners to understand and recognise their roles and responsibilities as members of local, national and global communities.

A key part of PSHCE are the Stop the Clock day events where learners have the opportunity to spend the whole day working on a theme from PSHCE with outside speakers.

KS4 Social Sciences

All students continue to study PSHCRE at Key Stage 4. This is 1 lesson a fortnight in year 10 and 2 in year 11. Students are given the opportunity to take part in work experience in the summer of year 10. They will also have the opportunity to attend college taster days and to meet with representatives from the local colleges. In year 11 students are supported in applying for college. They have mock interviews with local employers and receive feedback on their successes. They year 10 PSHCRE course covers work experience preparation, First Aid and health issues as well as the compulsory RE component looking at moral issues. In year 11 the course covers preparation for applications to college and work, including writing CVs, interview skills, letters of application etc. They also cover the compulsory RE and Citizenship components of KS4.


Within PSHCE there are 2 option choices, they are GCSE Citizenship and BTEC level 2 Workskills. For more information please click on the links below.

GCSE Citizenship

BTEC Workskills


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