My Apprentice Experience

By Lucy Satur The winner of Carleton’s Apprentice 2013

Lucy Satur - Apprentice Winner 2013 At Carleton Community High School, all students in year 9 & 10 were given the chance to enter The Apprentice 2012. Myself and 21 other individuals took this opportunity on board and committed ourselves to the tasks that lay ahead. On the first day, I could see the excitement on everybody’s faces as they got a taste of what to expect. As the days and weeks passed confidence and skills, such as teamwork, leadership and fairness, grew. One skill that I have personally picked up along the journey is looking at things from other people’s point of view and how they look at a task differently to you. I found this useful in the “I’m A Teacher Get Me Out Of Here” event, which was held in our new school theatre. Another skill, is going out of your comfort zone to get the things you want. I soon realised that if you want something, or you have a goal, you have to go ahead and do what is necessary and not hold back.

The main skills you need to be a young apprentice are; being a confident leader who won’t hold back from speaking the truth; being reliable and punctual for meetings and completing the task set to the best of your ability. If you keep these 3 in mind, you are already on the road to success.

Winning the apprentice has made me much more confident in myself and my work and I am more willing to try new things and aim for new heights. I now feel like I have a path to follow in my career in business. It has given me the boost I needed, to know that I am successful, and can be a lot more successful in the future. I can see more doors opening for me later on in life, and it’s thanks to this rare chance I had, and with help of the willing staff members and special guests, Richard Gatfield (head chef at Fox and Hound) and Dom Smith (founder of Soundsphere Magazine).


Who will be Carleton's Apprentice 2012/13?

The Winner

The winner of The Apprentice 2012/2013 is


Prize of a tablet kindly donated by Alamo Business Systems


Runner up


Prize of I-Pod Shuffle kindly donated by WDH


Third place


Prize of Voucher from CCHS


The standard of talent this year has been outstanding and they have all receieved certificates and prizes.


Miss Finch

Enterprise Coordinator

A student's thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed The Apprentice. The immensely creative challenges we have been through were amazing. I learned the most from the mistakes I made but there weren't many, thanks to everyone's support. The restaurant we had was a hit, I'd hope to bring it back. Being the best isn't the most important thing to do, it's how you work with others. Take up the challenge and it's sure to change your life. Thank you!!


Third Task

On Monday 26th November the Apprentice candidates were given the task of creating an article about what it takes to be a young entrepreneur. They had the chance to meet Dom Smith - a young businessman from York who has started his own music magazine that now sells world wide and quiz him about what has made him so successful. The evening was very inspirational and all the candidates enjoyed meeting Dom.

After gaining some advice on how to write a good article they asked some very challenging questions to produce some exceptional finished pieces. They are now eagerly awaiting to find out which article was judged to be the best by our enthusiastic guest.

The winning article was produced by team leader Amy Haigh with Lizzie Walsh, Amelia Tickle and Louise Stevenson.