Careers Exhibition


Carleton Community High School is part of the Wakefield Learning Community which held a special Careers Event to help students consider the opportunities and choices available locally to all young people at 16.

We took the whole of Year 11 to the exhibition on Wednesday 28 September 2016 at Cedar Court Hotel.

The purpose of the event was to provide our students with information about the wide range of courses, training provision and learning pathways now available to young people. Information, advice and guidance was available at all levels.

Post 16 providers attending included

A. Colleges e.g. Wakefield College, NEW College Pontefract, Leeds City College, Barnsley College, Bradford College and others giving information on courses leading to further qualifications.
B. School/Academy Sixth Forms e.g. Hemsworth, Greenhead, Cathedral, Ossett and Outwood Grange Academy, St Wilfrid’s Catholic 6th Form, Notre Dame Catholic School, Shelley College 6th Form and others giving information on courses leading to further qualifications
C. Approved training providers e.g. Picassos, CITB, Hargreaves who can advise on how to train for an area of work and gain vocational qualifications
D. Employers e.g. Armed Services, Yorkshire Ambulance Service giving information on full-time paid work (preferably with training)
E. Apprenticeship opportunities in an area of work offered by an employer or college with a guaranteed minimum wage and training
F. Other services e.g. Metro, Connexions


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