Pupil Premium

 The latest strategy statement can be downloaded here.



Armed Forces Personnel 

If any parent/carer is a serving member of the armed forces, could they please contact the school by either phone or email.  It is possible that the school can obtain additional funding for the education of your children.


Pupil Premium Policy 


All members of staff and governors accept responsibility for ‘socially disadvantaged’ pupils and are committed to meeting their pastoral, social and academic needs within Carleton Community High School. As with every student in our care, a student who is considered to be ‘socially disadvantaged’ is valued, respected and entitled to develop to their full potential, irrespective of need and consequently we ‘narrow the gap’.



The pupil premium is a new Government initiative that targets extra money at pupils from deprived backgrounds, which research shows underachieve compared to their non-deprived peers. The premium is provided in order to support these students in reaching their potential. The Government have used students entitled to Free School meals as an indicator for deprivation, and have deployed a fixed amount of money to schools per student, based on the number of students registered for Free School meals. This fixed amount of money will increase every year of the course of this current Parliament.


The Government is not directing how we should spend this money, but are clear that we must employ the strategies that we know will support our students to increase their attainment, and ‘narrow the gap’. We are accountable for narrowing the gap, and there is a planned reform to the school performance tables to include new measures that show the attainment of students who receive the pupil premium compared with their peers.


The Governors

Will determine the strategy for the appropriate allocation of the pupil premium funding to support any student or groups of students the school has legitimately identified as being socially disadvantaged. Pupil premium funding allocation may also be linked to school determined improvement targets. Provision will be made through:

  • Facilitating students’ access to education
  • Facilitating students’ access to the whole curriculum
  • Alternative support and intervention within the Carleton Community High School’s environment


Reporting Pupil Premium

It is the responsibility of the Governors to explain pupil premium expenditure to parents and carers in the form of an annual statement. As there is no defined structure for the statement the format will be determined by the Governors and may vary dependent upon DfE policy. The report will be published annually on the school website from 1 October 2012 and twelve monthly therein. The report will aim to detail appropriate information on how Pupil Premium has been allocated within the school. The report will detail the attainment and progress of students who are covered by the premium and the intervention that has been supported by the additional funding. Reports will also detail the progress made towards narrowing the gap and this will be supported by reported data and academic progress. Regular reports will be provided for the Personnel and Finance sub-committee on the progress of students covered by the Pupil Premium.


Reporting to Parent and Carers

Parents and carers will be able to obtain information on the pupil premium via the website or if required a paper copy.


Responsibility for reporting

The responsibility for the report will be given to a member of the Senior Leadership team who has responsibility for vulnerable students. This report will be supported by the key providers for Inclusion, which will include:

  • Co-ordinator Pathways
  • AEN Co-ordinator
  • Assessment Co-ordinator