Student Voice at Carleton Community High School


At Carleton Community High School we are committed to ensuring our students feel secure and valued during their time here. We encourage our students to actively take responsibility for their own learning and education.

In wider support of their academic education, to enable our students to share their opinions and have a voice in their school and their education we have developed our ‘Student Voice.’

There are many roles within our Student Voice, some of which are detailed below.


Head Boy, Head Girl and Senior Ambassadors

Our Senior Ambassador Team, led by our Head Boy and Head Girl, take pride in chairing their own meetings and organising many fund-raising events for school and charity. The Senior Ambassadors are also encouraged to take on duties around school at lunch time and run activities for students in younger year groups.

Tour Guides

Students are responsible for showing visitors around the school and can be from years 7 to 11.

Student Interviewers

At Carleton Community High School we value the opinions of our students and believe they should have a voice in the decisions made when employing new members of staff. Consequently we have a student interview panel, who interview candidates, again made up from students in years 7 to 11.

Sports Forum

Our sports forum work closely with the PE department to provide feedback about PE lessons, PE kit and the curriculum. They also help with organisation of tournaments, visit primary schools and school Sports Day.


Our buddy system is designed to ensure that all students feel safe and enjoy the transition from primary to secondary school. Buddies are attached to each Year 7 form group to assist in the transition process.

Subject Ambassadors

Subject Ambassadors work within departments to help organise subject based events, present ideas and give feedback on the subject area and the curriculum.

School Council

Each form group elects a school council representative. The school council meet to discuss whole school matters such as the rewards system, behaviour policy, in school catering service and much more.

Student Voice ensures all students from Years 7 to 11 have the chance to make a difference to their school and their education, while developing invaluable life skills such as confidence, communication skills and the ability to use self-initiative.


Senior Ambassadors 2017/2018

Head Boy: Henry Cobb

Head Girl:  Kayleigh Willoughby


Year 10

Zaira Ali
Dylan Annakin
Holly Barker
Jessica Barr
Theodore Biddle
Caitlyn Birch
Ellanna Duncan
Lois Egley
Lucy Engstrom
Ella Fleming
Katharine Hamer
Matthew Hardwick
Lauren Hopkinson
Jenna Lee
Eloise Lovell
Elisha Lupton
Ella-Lou MacDonald
Rachael Mortimer
Holly Pearce
Kenton Reynolds
Jordan Roebuck
Eve Rogerson
Mia Scholes
Lucy Simms
Sarah Stevenson
Harry Stewart-Raywood
Ellie Stocks
Bella Thrower
Lewis Varley
Anna Westmoreland
Brendan Wilson
Olivia Wilson
Oliver Wong
Taylor Wood

Year 11

Katie Allan
Olivia Bent
Logan Cording
Oakley Dickinson
Lucy Dodgson
Tamsin Ederies
Megan Green
Ellie Halstead
Fern Harrison
Beatrix Isherwood
Holly Langfield
Yasmin Lawson
Ruby Maguire
Mia Maloney
Laura Mason
Demi Moore
Rosie O'Mullane
Olivia Pearce
Nathan Purcell
Jack Purchon
Charlotte Robinson
Mollie Rousso
Abigail Shafi
Caitlin Smith
Ella Smith
Hollie Soper
Ella Symmonds
Amy Turner
Skyla West
Katie Whitaker
Fran Whittleston
Holly Wogan