Learner Voice

Learner voice in MFL

In the MFL department we value the opinions of our learners and their parents & carers therefore we seek their views at regular intervals.

In 2012 we carried out a research project amongst our learners to gather their views. This is what they said:

83% of our Key stage 3 students said that they enjoy learning languages

89% of our Key Stage 3 learners believe that learning languages will help them in the future in various different ways

Our learners said learning languages will be useful for: holidays, travel, communication, meeting new people and for getting a job

94% of our GCSE MFL learners would recommend studying languages at GCSE to others

94% of our GCSE MFL learners believe that their language studies will help them in various different ways in the future

Quotes from year 11 GCSE MFL Learners

“GCSE French has really helped me gain confidence and made me realise the benefits of learning a language.” Harriet Dee

“I know that doing GCSE French will help me in later life and learning the skills has not only helped me in French but in other languages too.” Annie Singh

“GCSE French has helped me with my confidence and now I can articulate better.” Amy Spurgeon

“I feel that GCSE French has helped me gain confidence, and helped me to learn other languages.” Eleanor Hurdiss

“GCSE French has provided some good opportunities and is something that I am certain I will use in the future.” Peyton Colgan

“GCSE French has given me lots of skills which will help me later on in life and helped me gain confidence.” Mia Novakovic

“GCSE French has given me the confidence to use another language on holidays.it has given me skills I can use in other subjects.” Shona Nicholson

“French has given me more confidence and given me the opportunity to experience different things I wouldn’t normally do.” Hannah Smith

“French has helped me gain confidence when speaking to others and I can now understand how a language will benefit me in the future.” Bethany Lee

“French has given me the opportunity to develop new skills and gain confidence. I can understand French fairly well and can also understand other foreign languages as a result.” Tom Hinchcliffe

“GCSE French has helped me gain confidence and new skills which I can transfer to other subjects.” Emma Clowes

“GCSE French was hard but I am glad I took it.” Lauren May

“GCSE French has helped me build more confidence and has opened my mind to skills I didn’t think I had and the many career choices I know I will have.” Ryan Laycock