Gifted and Talented

MFL Gifted and Talented List 2012 – 2013

Year 7 to be identified September 2012

Year 8

Dominique Moore
Sophie Lockett
Vicente Smith
Samuel Moore
James Barr

Year 9

Ethan Potts
Lucy Satur
Charlotte Dee
Lydia Barrat
Olivia Hardwick
Charlotte Riley
Thomas Atkinson
Esther Bellwood
James Dobbing
Emily McHale
Niall Deravairere
Libby Hood
Lizzie Walsh

Year 10

Katie Addy
Natalie Moore
Ross Parkinson
Jack Carter
Natasha Prout
Emma Gibson
Elle Spofforth
Jade Rose
Hannah Cooke
David Egan
Kara Soper

Year 11

Sophie Dasnoy
Jade Bannister
Connor Lovell
Ellie Preece
Laura Varley
Brogan Maguire
Cameron Richardson