Basic Skills

The Semicolon

 Learn how and when to use a semicolon by following this link :-

or by downloading a similar pesentation in Powerpoint here.


The Apsotrophe

Here are some exercises and lessons that you might find useful in the use of apostrophes.

Apostrophes 1 

Apostrophes 2 

Apostrophes 3 

Apostrophes 4


Varying Your Sentences

Do all the sentences in your written work tend to start with the same word; he, the, David etc.   Here is a downloadable presentation with ideas for creative sentence starters.  If you don't have PowerPoint on your computer, you can also download a pdf copy which will load in a browser window.

Powerpoint presentation

pdf file


Simple to Compound Sentences

Are all your sentences simple and short or can you make your writing more interesting by producing compound sentences.  Find out how.

Sentences 1

Sentences 2

Sentences 3

Sentences 4



Word Games

 A fun activity finding key words

Example.  Find the link word for Full, Watch and Bus.  Answer STOP.  Full Stop, Stop Watch, Bus Stop

Powerpoint presentation

Pdf file