I’m off for my school trip to the International Space Station, Mum!

Students from Carleton Community High School have travelled around the earth and even into space, thanks to Google and its Expeditions programme.
During this week's visit the students were able to have an educational trip of a lifetime, which allows students to explore everywhere from the human body and brain to how fibre optic networks work.

Students from a wide range of subjects were able to experience an expedition that was relevant to their learning.

It was a fantastic experience because they visited places that they wouldn't be able to go to like the International Space Station or shrunk down inside a leaf watching photosynthesis take place.

In one session students had a language experience looking around L’Île-de-France while other students looked at the circulation, respiratory and nervous systems.

Virtual trips obviously cannot replace real-life field trips but virtual reality allows students to learn about a new topic and within seconds be there. Through the use of a 3D headset allowing the students to experience an interactive 360͒ panorama.

Today’s visit has allowed Carleton students to experience how technology can be used to enhance their learning and make them consider how technology will change the way they work in the future.



Video Clip Courtesy of BBC Look North